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Glory Theives

September 5, 2018

I work at for a golf course at a prominent University (humble brag?). Recently I was sent a personal letter from the University's Chancellor...ok it was a form letter with my name on it. The letter was asking me to donate to a $4.25 billion fundraising campaign. The slogan of this endeavor, "For All Kind: The Campaign for Carolina." What an interesting opportunity, a lowly grounds worker like myself was being invited to give hard earned money to a vaguely titled state run cash grab. Once I got over the initial enthusiasm of a chance to shell out money to this farce, I recognized that this letter, this University, was modeling something that was not indigenous to the secular world. A mission statement. 


This can be seen in industries beyond higher education. People want to unify their cause under a single, typically vague, virtuous statement. Why do we have this urge? What gives us this notion that singularity of ultimate purpose is helpful? Why would we think unity is so valuable to widespread success? 


We get this notion from our Creator. It is to some extent a re-branding of the Great Commission. The prime mission of the Church is "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of he Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you."(Matt 28:19-20) We have a singular purpose of making disciples of all the nations, and thereby glorifying God and enjoying Him forever. 


Part of this secular phenomenon we may be able to chalk up to "common grace", but there may be another layer to this cake. What can often happen when secularist want to co-op a Christian virtue is their intent is not to emulate Christ. What they see in Christianity (whether they admit it or not) is authentic glory. If you are a chancellor of a university or a CEO you want to imbue your institution with glory as well. So what ends up happening is, rather than bending the knee to Christ to be brought into His glory, they want to mimic the glory without the submission. This is folly, once they detach the virtue from what makes it glorious they have given the virtue over to decay. A branch cannot live apart from the tree, and glory cannot exist without Christ. 

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