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Revolutions, Reproduction, Robots

June 7, 2018


One of the greatest causalities of the sexual revolution is the separation of fruitfulness from sex. The marketplace of contraception and abortion on-demand have made childbearing and sexual activity virtually mutually exclusive. This irreverence and recklessness of human reproductive behavior has reduced the sacred nature of intimate relations to recreation and entertainment. It has equated child bearing to a science project. Contempt and ignorance of fruitfulness, however, is not contained only in the bedroom. This "free love" philosophy has permeated into the very basic aspects of human enterprise. 


The very first decree from the Creator to man was; "Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it...Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in it's fruit. You shall have them for food." (Gen 1:28-29). On our cursory reading we see the first implications of marital fruitfulness. Adam has been given Earth as a Kingdom, Eden as his castle. He and his Queen are to procreate princes and princesses that they will train to do the work of kings and queens. They are to tame and harness the earth. There work is to produce fruit (literally and figuratively).


The twofold nature of fruitfulness has been corrupted, throughout history, and now specifically in the 21st century. In spiteful rebellion against the High King, man has sought to displace the fruitfulness of our divine commands. In the most gratuitous sense this is being pursued through the hands and feet of sexual revolutionaries, who are growing so debased they seek to replace human sexual partners with robots. This disturbing and heart-breaking moral corrosion has tangibly seeped into the second Creation mandate; fruitful work. 


With fruitful work in the cross hairs, the revolutionaries are doing a top notch job of approaching the words of Cotton Mather, "Religion brought forth Prosperity, and the daughter destroyed the mother." With the rise of machine labor, and soon artificial intelligence, productivity in tandem with prosperity are in a full sprint. Rest assured, industry and productivity are not on the dock. Call me a "Luddite", but to be clear I am not taking issue with the general concept of technology and automation, rather the perverse desires that lurk beneath some of the efforts to dehumanize the labor force. This desire is a direct inheritance from our grandfather, Adam, man still craves to be God. The drive to develop "minds" in an effort to be free from the burden of work is a sad attempt to pickpocket the glory of God. Smuggled into this desire is a ploy to get out from under human masters, and achieve (falsely) "autonomy". 


The explosion of prosperity in the West has led to a new philosophy on work and fruitfulness. They seek to abdicate the responsibility of labor to their "created beings" (machines) so they can enjoy the "free" fruit. The labor and fruit are being separated into discreet parts. The mechanization of creating babies and money (stored work) is all a symptom of the same sin, coveting God's position and hating his order. They want work on their own terms and with their own definitions. Submission has become a four letter word and everyone seeks to do what is right in his own eyes, "for me..." has become the slogan of the day.  Being born into great prosperity has led to an entitlement to fruit regardless of the labor actually done.


Just as we are dehumanizing and stripping the dignity from sexual intimacy, so are we denigrating physical labor. There is a sharp disdain for brute work, and this disdain is seeping into all other manner of labor. We have lost the value of a day in the literal field, and assumed the food on the table. The revolutionaries are more and more eager to hand over to machines these responsibilities in exchange for leisure and comfort. They promote the notion of Universal Basic Income with naive Utopian intentions, where every citizen will be free to pursue their own whims and be completely unaccountable for their labor...or lack there of. They have exchanged scripture; "if anyone is unwilling to work he will not eat," (2 Thess 3:10) for bent wisdom, "property, food, and leisure are unalienable rights."


This fruitlessness is a three fold rebellion. Fruitless sex, fruitless work, and fruitless spirituality (antinomianism), the soul, the hands, and the heart are all on the chopping block. The only reconciliation is submission in a three fold nature. A submission to the Triune God, and repentance is the only way to reunite what is being divorced. We must rush back to the Creator, the one who actually brings forth the fruit, for our labor is all in vain if the Creator does not bless it. Even the most skilled farmer needs an act of God to sprout a seed, to bring the dead to life. The resentment towards the fruit giver leads to resentment of both the fruit and the labor and the covenant promises that bear them. The two sides of the coin become stale when grasped at absent the life and light of the Gospel. God honors faithful labor in marriage, spirituality, and the field. Union with Christ is the only soil in which labor is fulfilled, and which the fruit tastes sweet. 

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