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Messianic Misconception

February 4, 2018

The mainline Jewish thinking about the messiah in the time surrounding Jesus fell into one of two camps. Either they thought the messiah would come on the cosmic clouds of justice bringing an end to the evil supernatural realm, or they assumed a greater version of King David, one who would bring military victory over Israel's enemies and secure the Promise Land forever. 


Jesus, in His infinite wisdom, chose disciples that anticipated one of these two realities. Peter is even introduced as "the zealot" (one who was waiting for a physical conqueror). Jesus drew close to Him men that had misguided theology. He didn't pick the intellectual elites that had precise exegesis of the Old Testament. Instead He drew close those that needed the mystery of His true Nature revealed. 


Once the wisdom God had been preparing them for was imparted, the warrior natures were properly bridled. The zealot now had a new weapon, The Word. This rings true today. Every young boy will make any object a weapon, they all want to be conquerors. They all want to be warriors. And there is a war to be won, cosmic justice was done on the cross, both camps were correct, just in a wrong way. Jesus is conquering and establishing the Holy Land, but with His blood. He did bring cosmic justice on the thundering clouds with the atonement for our sins, and the defeat of death. And that is why He made young boys eager to fight, so wise fathers could train them in our Holy Father's warfare.

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