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The Advent Event

December 25, 2017

Today is Christmas. As I reflect on the countless Hallmark-ish films my wife and I have watched just this December, I can't help but pity the secularist. By and large the secular culture is audibly attempting to make meaning out of a holiday they hijacked. They inserted their deity, Santa, as the omniscient, omnipresent arbiter of morals and miracles for the season. A figure who's reward for good behavior is material goods once a year. Not only that, this lie is knowingly recycled by parents year after year for some vain attempt at purpose. I won't even get into how the myth of Santa has perhaps contributed significantly to the acceptance of lying and deceit in the West. 


In "defense" of the secularists in this day, they seem to be searching to counter the commercialized culture. The glitz and glamour of generations past has made some of them uneasy and bitter. As the message has been throughout all these hallmark movies, it's not all about presents or decorations. These films stress the importance of family, hope, and love. I will be the first to endorse these as lovely convictions, but hardly a reason to celebrate a holiday. There is nothing transcendent in those virtues. And it also excludes and devalues the people that have no family, love, or hope. The more you idolize family, the more imperfections you will see. These papier-mache virtues are no cause for celebration. Love and hope require objects, they cannot exist on their own. And the only objects the secularist have are finite and fallible. 


What could anchor those virtues they espouse? What cause for celebration is there that can be endeared to all, regardless of station or well-being? What eternal purpose could there be for a holiday so valued and esteemed above others? The miraculous intervention of the Holy Creator Triune God, condescending His Son to the take on a human nature and set in order the redemption of the world. A plan that was in place before the foundations of the Earth. The transcendent, perfect God intervening in human history to provide a way of salvation and deliverance from death. If the secularist want a bigger purpose than presents to celebrate Christmas, look no further than the name of the day. Christ, the Lord, the member of the God-head through whom all things were made, and through whom all things are sustained. The maker of heaven and earth took the form of us. He became a baby, submitted to the care of a teenager and her carpenter of a husband. Submitted himself to a feeding trough in the ancient middle east. Submitted himself to the point of death on a cross as atonement for our sins. What else is there to celebrate, than the greatest gift, sent by the God of the Universe. Happy Christmas.

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